Monday, July 21, 2014

How Hollywood Movies have Repeatedly Destroyed America

The blog Concourse has a good series of maps which, while self-admiringly is not comprehensive, shows the location of various disaster/monster movies.  Monsters, Creatures, Climate, Geological, infections, mankind, alien attacks, space rocks, superhero battles, and a sharknado have all taken their toll on the United States.

Interestingly, New York was the early center of disaster films but as the United States grew so did the location of movie apocalypses. New York City and Los Angeles still remain the scene of most incidents but a bias seems to dominate as the third largest city, Chicago, lags behind film industry-cities such as San Francisco and Washington.

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Dina said...

Hey, shalom!
I just saw this and thought of you.
How can National Geographic publish this when it is so wrong??

The tunnels from Gaza to Egypt were dug for smuggling goods. But the Hamas terror tunnels running into Israeli territory are meant for terrorists as we have seen in the last few days!

Well, as I remember, NG was never a big fan of Israel. But I would expect them to check their facts.