Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Virtual Geography Convention 2014: Black, Poor, and Jewish: The Ostracism of Ethiopian Jews in Modern Israel

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Holly Jordan of Virginia Tech’s Alliance for Social, Political, Ethical, and Cultural Thought (ASPECT) gave a talk on the ostracism of Ethiopian Jews in Modern Israel.  Jordan was kind enough to post her presentation in full on her website.

The presentation starts out with

The Beta Israel (House of Israel), who currently number 130,000 citizens within Israel, are a unique Jewish community with a continuous history of Jewish practice in Ethiopia dating prior to the birth of Christ. Their status as Jews has been called into question by many communities within Israel; nevertheless, they have always self-identified as Jewish. Since immigrating to Israel, the Beta Israel find themselves caught between what Uri Ben-Eliezer describes as an older “institutional racism” and a “new racism” he refers to as “everyday” racism.

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