Monday, March 03, 2014

Russia-Ukraine War Map Batch One - The Opening Moves in Crimea

A FSSP-Gauzefans Effort  

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Daily Mail produced a map showing the language divide in Ukraine as well as a comparison of Ukrainian forces to that of Russia's forces deployed along the border.  Ukraine's 132,950 troops, 27 warplanes, and 21 warships is out gunned by 150,000 Russians, 210 warplanes, and 80 warships positioned against the Ukrainian border.

The absolutely great Contemporary Issues & Geography has a great update map on where Russian forces are deployed in the Crimea and where Ukrainian forces have surrendered or are resisting while under siege.

Finally, AFP produce a map showing the gas politics which will influence the European response of the war.  Notice all but one of the pipelines transporting Russian gas to Europe go through Ukraine.  One third of all gas consumed in Germany comes from Russia with France and Italy being major consumers as well.

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