Thursday, March 27, 2014

Denmark Needs Babies so Danish Businesses Take on Population Decline

The great European social welfare state experiment has failed on a fundamental level the Catholic European politicians did not foresee: the complete destruction of the traditional family.  People feel they no longer need children as a social safety net so they instead rely on the state and live a life of comfort.  However, without new children becoming tax payers the system will and is collapsing.

The Danish government has been unable to address the decline and is struggling with decline like Russia, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany.  The situation is so noticeable that a Danish travel company is encouraging Danes to "do it" for Denmark.

Warning:  Mildly Not Safe for Work/Children

Demographic decline in the West, including the United States, will become more of an issue as native groups decline in size and governments/economies suffer because of lack of workers.  Do not laugh at these efforts, they will become more common and needed. 

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