Monday, March 10, 2014

Be an At Home Geographer: Find Malaysia Airlines MH370

Geolounge has a great link: there is a crowdsourcing effort to find Malaysia Airlines MH370.  Below is information from Geolounge
To help with the effort to locate the missing aircraft, Tomnod and Digital Globe have launched a crowdsourcing map application to bring together the power of the masses to scour satellite images that have captured the geographic area where search and rescue crews are trying to located the missing plane. 
The public can help with the search effort by reviewing satellite imagery captured by two of Digital Globe’s satellites that have been trained to capture imagery of the area in the Gulf of Thailand.  Users can search tile by tile for any potential signs of an airplane crash such as oil slicks, wreckage, and life rafts.  Digital Globe uses an algorithm to elevate for review areas that receive a minimum number of tags from users.  Those areas will be reviewed by in-house satellite imagery experts.
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