Saturday, January 25, 2014

Maps of Protests in Ukraine and Seized Local Governments

Back in 2010 I wrote about the divide in Ukraine between ethnic and cultural Ukrainians on one side and ethnic Russians along with ethnic Ukrainians who were culturally Russian on the other side.  That post is recommended as a background piece to this post.

Since November pro-European, mostly ethnic/cultural Ukrainians, have been protesting against the pro-Russian government's (Party of Regions) decision to reject further integration with the European Union and reductions in civil liberties.  Recently these protests have intensified and spread to the point of occupations of local government administrations.  Several Twitter posts have placed maps showing where pro-European local governments exists/pro-European protesters are occupying local administrations.

@Ukroblogger has a map showing where protesters have occupied local administrations (the fist), where it is in progress (people), and where the police have forced protesters out (blue)

@Odessablogger has a map showed the status of oblasts.  I wonder how mass some of the "mass protests" are because the Crimea is overwhelmingly Russian.

@jc_stubbs hosts a map showing mostly the same story but probably more accurate than the above second map.  "People" probably means local anti-Party of Regions government control.

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M.L. Hayes said...

Glad to hear from you again.

The divide in Ukraine, it goes back a long way. This dates back to the days of the old Russian Empire, and before.