Monday, December 30, 2013

Map of How Parisians View France

The blog No Pasaran linked to the map of how Parisians view the rest of France.  The map in part proves to be a rabbit-hole beyond my understanding.

  • Paris is labelled "Maison" meaning "home".
  • Much of the coastal regions of France is "plages" meaning "beaches".
  • The Alps and the Pyrenees Mountains are great for skiing.
  • The French Reveria is labelled as a land of "menteurs" meaning "liars".  I guess Parisian tourists have had some bad experiences there.
  • Brittany is labelled as a land of alcoholics.  I know the region is known for its strong alcohol but I am unaware that alcoholism is a problem there.
  • The more culturally Germanic region in eastern France is labelled as "depressif" meaning "depressive". 
  • The Basque region and Corsica are labelled as the land of terrorists.
  • Finally, the northern region by Belgium is labelled as "pauvres" meaning "poor".


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M.L. Hayes said...

In a big way, it shows that France is far more varied than many people would believe. When many think of France, they think only of Paris, and sometimes the French Riviera. However, there is far more to France than that.