Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Atlas of Land Owners in 164 and 1670 Ireland

Trinity College Dublin has a great online atlas which shows the massive shift in landholdings from 1641 to 1670 in Ireland.  The catalyst of this change was the Cromwellian invasion of Ireland.  Cromwell invaded Ireland for two primary reasons 1) to secure the island for the English parliament against King Charles II and 2) to be part of a Protestant expansionist crusade against Catholicism.  It is spatially clear that the Protestants won.

Via @fionamaybuckley
The GIS portion of the atlas is a great genealogical tool as well.  One can see where one's ancestors possibly held property in Ireland.  Sadly it appears that my Irish ancestors were landowners at this time.  My Scot-Irish ancestors did not appear either.  However, while not a direct line, possible English extended ancestors of mine show up in 1670.

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