Monday, September 30, 2013

Map of Health Care Insurance Rate Changes Due to Obamacare

Forbes has a great article discussing the geography and overall changes in health care insurance premiums due to the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.  Overall the Forbes article describes how all the new regulations will make health care insurance less affordable.

Only Colorado and New Hampshire benefit overall with women in Ohio also saving money.  Nebraska is the worse state to suffer in terms of the growth of fees.

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data diplomacy said...

Looked at MI site and study. No where does it say they are comparing apples to apples. Is the comparison for like benefits packages or simply the lowest cost plans on the market, regardless of benefits. If the latter then this is a false comparison. There was no effort to show similar numbers for families versus individuals, nor for thos with preexisting conditions. They eliminate a number of types of existing insurance that would probably have closed the gap or would have shown post ACA improvement vs defecit. I can argue this becuse they do not show cause for eliminating those types of insurance nor do they present any analysis that assess those eliminated plans' proportional representation in each states profile. The data and maps appear to be an elaborate propaganda effort at color by numbers. The analysis is a hack job. Why do I feel I am not wrong that if the data had turned out otherwise the MI and Forbes would have buried the story.