Monday, September 09, 2013

Liam Fox's Ten Global Trends to Watch Out For

Former British Secretary of State for Defense Liam Fox has published the book Rising Tides about global threats against the West and the world in general.  The top ten threats are

Pakistan: A fractured rogue state artificially held from Collapse, thus only prolonging the decay, by international aid.

Water Scarcity and Wars Derived from It: In the end water is worth more than oil.  Egypt and Ethiopia already play a dangerous game over the flow of the Nile.

Dirty Bombs: Deadly, long-term impact terrorism made easy

The Downfall of the Euro:  Last time Europe's economy failed the dream of globalization died for 75 years and there were two world wars.

National Debt:  First international strength dies, then national strength, and then everyone suffers.

Demographic Graying:  A nation of old people cannot have a welfare system nor can it be a player on the world stage.

Unfettered Immigration: Eventually non-assimilated immigrants can take over a graying country and bring all the problems they tried to escape over with them to their new home.

International Jihadi Terrorism:  From New York to London to Africa to Syria to the Far East, militant Islamists are fighting a war against the world.

Nuclear Iran:  The world will become an even more dangerous state.  Eventually someone will use a nuclear weapon again.

Collapse of Political Will in the West: So many Westerners are afraid to confront other culture's problems.  The West has some major problems (selective killing of young), but no one dares confront the problems which cause so much death and suffering across the world.  Sometimes other's choices are not "different", they are wrong.

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