Friday, August 16, 2013

Egypt Unrest Map Batch 1: Attacks Against Coptic Christians

I am still working on collecting maps of the unrest throughout Egypt in general but I was able to find the below map that shows the destruction of Coptic Churches and institutions.

Attacks against Copts.  Click to enlarge.  From AnAmericanCopt
The Coptic Orthodox Church, the Coptic Catholic Church, and Greek Orthodox Church of Alexandria are all descended from the unified Church of Alexandria founded by Saint Mark.  The overwhelming percentage of Coptic Christians are members of the Coptic Orthodox Church which is the founded member of the Oriental Orthodox Communion (which should not be confused with Eastern Orthodox churches such as the well known Greek and Russian churches).

The Copts are no stranger to oppression.  The Coptic Calendar is set not to the birth of Christ but AD 284, the year Diocletian became Emperor of Rome and started the worst persecution against Christianity in the ancient world.

The Copts are being targeted by the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters because of the Coptic Pope's established relationship with the military and the military-backed government which overthrew the growing tyrannical yet democratically-elected government of President Mohammad Morsi.  The press are calling these attacks "reprisal" but the Copts themselves are not the one's attacking the Brotherhood.  Those responsible for killing the Brotherhood protesters are the nearly all-Muslim police and military.


Dina said...

Thanks for this map. I just added it to my earlier Facebook post on the subject. I asked friends in the West if their media were even mentioning this latest violence against Christians in Egypt.

M.L. Hayes said...

This is scary, and quite sad. I haven't heard much about this except through some international media. I have heard of persecution against Christians in Egypt. In fact, I read a National Geographic about Coptic Christians living in deplorable conditions in Cairo. All we can do is pray for Christians living in Egypt.