Thursday, August 29, 2013

Can You Locate Damascus on a Map?

usvsth3m has a neat little online game where you try to locate Damascus on a map.  At the end you can compare your results to the last 500 people on a heat map.  While many people can get it inside Syria it seems the common consensus of the last 500 people is that Damascus is somewhere in a box between Libya-Pakistan and Greece|Sudan (which basically is the greater Middle East).  Something is better than nothing, I guess.

I was off by 12 miles(!) and was more accurate than 97% of other players.  Can you do better? (Dina, your home is probably within the map's margin of error so no fair if you do better than me)


Dina said...

Well, for us it is a matter of life and death where Damascus is.
Actually just yesterday I was searching online for a good clear map to show my blog and Facebook friends that Damascus is only 77 km from our Golan Heights. But I still haven't found a good map. What's with that??
I'm just afraid that the decision-makers don't even know the eastern Mediterranean map.
Obama said on TV that he just wants to "shoot across the bow" (a warning to stop doing something) to tell Syria to stop the chemical weapons use. But I saw it literally, like Israel is in the shape of a long narrow ship in between Syria and the sea and Americans and Syrians will be shooting missiles back and forth right above our bow.
I pray it will not happen.

Catholicgauze said...

Distance and elevation together are probably the things to stress when talking about the heights.

Here are three good things to show

A map of the heights and Damascus

Sign post with Damascus being 60km away and Jerusalem being 240 km away

3D elevation model

Adrian said...

60 miles due north...

M.L. Hayes said...

I clicked 23 miles from Damascus. I scored better than 92% of the world.

smeeko said...

I was 72 miles away

Joshua said...

I got 9 miles away.