Monday, July 08, 2013

Map of NFL Team Loyalities

The above map comes from the unofficial Twitter account @NFL_Stats.  It reportedly shows fan loyalties to National Football League teams throughout the contiguous 48-states.  It is neat comparing this map to the map of Major League Baseball team loyalties.

  • The Minnesota, western Missouri, and Colorado teams battle for the most wide open space, the Interior West, in both football and baseball.
  • The South has more teams so the Georgia, eastern Missouri, Florida divide in southern baseball fan loyalties is not repeated in American football.
  • And the Oakland Raiders is the only team in professional baseball or American football to still have a hold on their historical home (Los Angeles, which the Raiders left in 1994).

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data diplomacy said...

You mean the Raiders moved back to Oakland from LA in 1994. They left Oakland for LA in 1983.