Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Abortion Wars Show Shifting Ground

The news has been full of efforts to expand or restrict abortions around the world.

In Ireland a supposedly "pro-life" bill was passed that changes Ireland's complete ban on abortion to a ban except when a) the mother's life is in danger or b) the mother threatens suicide.  Pro-life activists claim that this is a de facto legalization as anyone can claim they would choose suicide.  Pro-life activists further claim that the genesis of this change, a woman who reportedly died because she did not have access to abortion, is based either on a lie or gross muddling of events.

The legalization of some abortions in Ireland will probably help end the myth that Ireland is still a Catholic culture country.  The 1990s secularization fueled by an economic boom (which went bust in a big way) and the priestly homosexual abuse of post-pubescents scandal have taken their toll on Church-State-Culture relations.  The only way for pro-life forces to fight back and win is for the Catholic-friendly Fianna Fáil to recover from its election obliteration and defeat the coalition government of the once-more Catholic Church-friendly/now anti-Catholic Church Fine Gail and the Socialist International Labour Party.  A recent poll had Fianna Fail leading Fine Gail by one point though the next election could be as late as 2016.

Chile, a country with a complete abortion ban, recently defeated abortion advocates in the battle over whether or not an eleven year old named "Belen" should be allowed to abort a child conceived during rape.  Belene reportedly wants to give birth to the child, which Chilean President Sebastian Piñera supports, while Amnesty International wants the girl to have a legal exception to abort.

Earlier in the spring pro-abortion forces tried to get El Salvador to end its abortion ban in order for a women, "Beatiz", with severe medical issues to have an abortion.  The Supreme Court rejected the push and the woman had an emergency C-section, after which the ill baby died after a few hours.

The battles in Latin America reflect a growing battle between pan-Hispano leftist movements and foreign-funded organizations against the local conservative culture and traditional liberal parties which typically have not contested abortion.

Finally Texas passed a law to prevent abortions 20 weeks after conception.  The bill was strongly opposed by pro-abortion forces who managed to disrupt the legislature long enough to foil the first effort to pass the bill.  The bill's popularity has reinforced the conservative position in Texas and may prevent liberal Democrats from gaining a stronghold within Texas, something they hoped to do after the 2012 election.

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