Friday, June 28, 2013

Secular, Biblical, and Islamic Flat Earth Arguments and Rebuttals

President Barack Obama said he has no time to meet with "the Flat Earth Society".  Geographic Travels does, however!

We have audio of an interview with Daniel Shenton, President of the Flat Earth Society.  He seems to be a very insecure person.

We have a Christian fundamentalist who believes the Earth is flat and makes fun a Christian from the American South for having an accent.

We have an Islamic fundamentalist who claims the Qu'ran says the Earth is flat.

Now the rebuttals

Shenton says the Flat Earth Society is about "proving science."  Well, anyone who ever went sailing knows the way shore or tall ships rise from the horizon proves a curved (spherical) Earth. (This also works for seeing tall buildings in the distance).

From How Science Works
Meanwhile this Young Earth creationist video wants you to know that "Flat Earth = Christian belief" is a myth

This Islamic video use Qu'ranic statements to show Islam's belief in a round earth.

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