Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Maps of Moore Oklahoma Tornado

Pray for Moore, Oklahoma.  The Knights of Columbus and the American Red Cross are accepting donations for disaster relief.

The National Weather Service created the below map showing the range and strength of the Moore, Oklahoma tornado.  For reference the Enhanced Fujita scale is EF 0 equals 65-85 miles per hour (104-137 kilometers per hour), EF 2 equals  111-135 mi/h (178-217 km/h), EF 4 equals 166-200 mi/h (267-322 km/h).

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The BBC has a large scale map showing the path of the tornado inside the town of Moore.  Two of the three schools suffered pretty much direct hits.

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The National Weather Service has another map comparing the path of the 2013 Moore tornado with the 1999 Moore tornado.

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Finally NASA released a video of the storm's growth.

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