Thursday, April 11, 2013

Virtual Geography Convention 2013: Royal Geographical Society Guides to Publishing and Communicating Outside of Academia

Welcome to the Virtual Geography Convention 2013!  If you have a presentation or blog post you wished published please contact me at catholicgauze [at] gmail [dot] com!

The Royal Geographical Society is giving away free online copies of two manuscripts primarily for academic and graduate student geographers:  Communicating Geographical Research Beyond the Academy (PDF) and Publishing and Getting Read (PDF).  I want to thank the RGS for their free and open distribution of this information.

The communications guide actually discusses blogging in a positive light.  Personally I feel blogging and publishing go together hand-in-hand.  Too often geographers write in academic babel to a very closed audience of journal readers.  I have the aim of writing things my mother can understand.  If she can get what I am trying to say then I know my efforts can reach and educate the public.  Many academic geographers would do well to remember that working merely to get an article in a journal (where it will have no impact and die) is a waste of time and one's life.  Until we return to a Harm de Blij model of public outreach on real issues we geographers will remain in a sort of exile.

Share knowledge and educate the world!

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