Saturday, April 13, 2013

Virtual Geography Convention 2013: AAG 2013 Day 4 Twitter Roundup

Welcome to the Virtual Geography Convention 2013!  If you have a presentation or blog post you wished published please contact me at catholicgauze [at] gmail [dot] com! 

An update on the useful and not so useful information being shared on Twitter at the Association of American Geographers conference in Los Angeles.  

Crowdsourcing maps really shouldn't just be grass roots info, great to add official layers not acces. or easily found to all #aag2013

Biggest knock I have on many #AAG2013 presentations: there are many technicians, but few scientists.

Saldanha: Anthropocene ushers in communism not from a priori universal human but constructed from catastrophe #aag2013

Anthropocene session: Kevin Surprise renames Anthropocene Age of Capital. #aag2013

Excellent address by Audrey Kobayashi on geograhy's whiteness and the slow turn to anti-racist geographies

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