Thursday, April 11, 2013

Virtual Geography Convention 2013: AAG 2013 Day 2 Twitter Roundup

Welcome to the Virtual Geography Convention 2013!  If you have a presentation or blog post you wished published please contact me at catholicgauze [at] gmail [dot] com! 

An update on the useful and not so useful information being shared on Twitter at the Association of American Geographers conference in Los Angeles.  

Andrés Rodríguez-Pose: Counties that attracted large no of migrants - regardless of origin - in late 1800s are more developed today #AAG2013

GIS combines geography with clumsy technology, 0's and 1's cannot adequately represent full complexity of world - Mike Goodchild at #AAG2013

GIS breaks down barriers between workflows disciplines and cultures. Example went from 400 GIS users to 10,000 GIS users ShellOil #AAG2013

"The Creative Class may not be as creative as local communities would like" - comment in the lifestyle migration session at #aag2013

#Landsat helps monitor salt marsh recovery after Deep Water Horizon oil spill #AAG2013

Katrina Moser: Atmosphere may be a vector of phosphorus delivery to remote alpine lakes, causes eutrophication. #AAG2013

"If academics in South have low salaries &draw on consultancy @dev agencies=affects criticality."independent salary=responsibility #AAG2013

Possibly unoriginal notion: For trans folk, waiting in a bathroom line is a positive, affirmative, empowering, public act. #aag2013

Yes, please! RT @spinoza45: How about a gender neutral bathroom #AAG2013
Interestingly, room for Multiple Militarsisms sessions had #gender neutral bathrooms #aag2013

take back the economy session combining academic panelist with local activists should be a template for future conferences #AAG2013

capitalism is [f-word delted by Catholicgauze] but the sun gives infinitely! hallelujah! #antipode #AAG2013 #sun

Is it only human, cultural, social geographers tweeting from #aag2013?

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