Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Virtual Geography Convention 2013: AAG 2013 Day 1 Twitter Roundup

Welcome to the Virtual Geography Convention 2013!  If you have a presentation or blog post you wished published please contact me at catholicgauze [at] gmail [dot] com! 

An update on the useful and not so useful information being shared on Twitter at the Association of American Geographers conference in Los Angeles.  

Estimates of 170,000 evictions in Brazil as a result of the olympics and World Cup. #aag2013

Linda Mearns: there are now earthworms in climate models --> lithosphere-biosphere interactions #aag2013
Now listening to talk about "assembling insurgent citizenship" #aag2013
some DC groups do engage in militaristic particularism, especially if they are institutionalized and well funded #aag2013 #immigration

Sara Safransky on urban green dvlpment in Detroit as a form of settler colonialism, part of great sessions on race & nature. #AAG2013
Padini Nirmal argues for a a feminist geopolitics of knowing and loving in an effort to love and live better in the world. yes! #AAG2013.

#geowebchat #aag2013 Keith Clarke: all GIS students should know how 2code &handle HPC & algorithms? Must they become must comp sci students?

Allen Scott: There are now over 60 self-proclaimed "creative cities" worldwide, including Sudbury, Milwaukee and Huddersfield #AAG2013
Scott: Creative city policies downplay production in favour of amenities, distributionally regressive, don't confront social probl #AAG2013

#aag2013 Judith Carney on the African components of the Columbian exchange: how could slaves introduce plants? CAPE lecture.
Carney: African food surpluses provisioned '000s of slave voyages. Key to transnational commodity chain of slavery. #aag2013
Carney: historical image of slave women pounding grain on ship. Unmilled grain seed stock for Americas.

The Association of AMERICAN Geographers has quite a large percent of international members. What's up with that? #AAG2013

The #AAG2013 app is awesome. Lowers my chances of ending up in a feminist geography session by accident..

I'm told by people who go to a lot of academic conferences that the #aag2013 is a lot more "hipstery" than the rest

Follow #aag2013 for updates from Association of American Geographers national conference. Mostly hippies, Some #GEOINT

How about a gender neutral bathroom #AAG2013

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