Monday, April 08, 2013

Geography Quiz 4: Out of Place Sioux Quartzite

Sioux Quartzite is quartz-type rock formed 542 million years ago to 2,500 million years ago.  It was formed at the present-intersection of South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa.  The most famous deposit of it is in Pipestone, Minnesota.  Sioux Quartzite is found in massive above and below ground formations throughout the area.

Sioux Quartzite in South Dakota.  Photo by Catholicgauze.  
However, small rocks and boulders of Sioux Quartzite can be found all along the Kansas River in northeastern Kansas over 400 miles away from Pipestone.  How is this possible?

Sioux Quartzite in Kansas.  Photo by the University of Kansas.


Unknown said...

I am not a geologist. However, I think that from the smoothness and distribution of the rocks in the field, this is the result of the movement of glaciers pushing south during the onset onset of one of the Ice Ages.

DJWildBill said...

It was broken apart and carried south by glaciers during the many ice ages.

Catholicgauze said...

Unknown and DJWildBill,
You are both....... correct! The Flint Hills of Kansas was the southern most point of glacial advance during the Wisconsin Ice Age, which was the last of the ice ages (so far).