Friday, March 22, 2013

Cyprus Bailout Map Humor: A Country Owned

The proposed European Union bailout of Cyprus is weighing heavily on people around the world.  The financial and human costs of such a deal are leading to bank runs, fears of lose of life savings, and worries about the end of national sovereignty.

Some, though, have managed to find humor in the dark.

The first map shows the feeling of occupation many in Cyprus feel.  The northern half is represented by the Turkish flag (as most in the world do not recognize the the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) and the military bases, which are under sovereign British control and have never been part of the Republic of Cyprus,  are shown by the flag of the United Kingdom.  Most of the Republic of Cyprus is shown as under occupation via the German flag.  Only a small sign in the center, occupied land, is independent for ethnic Greek Cypriots.  However, a Greek flag and not a Republic of Cyprus flag is used.

From Twitter
The second map shows the cost of the possible, but now dead, proposal of a Russian bailout for oil rights and a political realignment of Cyprus away from Europe and towards Moscow.  The districts of Cyprus are renamed to reflect Russian political leaders, economic leaders, companies, and regions.

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