Thursday, February 07, 2013

Earth Snapshot: Daily Views of the Planet

The European remote sensing public-private partnership company Chelys runs the website Earth Snapshot.  On the surface the website is a "pretty satellite photo of the day" blog.  However, like all of geography, examination and study opens up the whole wide world.  Take for example the photo of a Libyan dust storm crossing the Mediterranean Sea into Greece.

Image from Earth Snapshot
First off this image shows how close Greece and Libya are physically.  My mental map had Greece further to the east.  Secondly, Greece and Libya have been in separate cultural realms, civilizations apart, ever since the Islamic conquest in AD 647, if not earlier with the Vandal conquests in the 400s.  Libya, Greece, Roman Italy, and the Holy Land were part of one Mediterranean Realm but no longer.  However, while Greece and Libya may be civilizations apart.  However, al Bayda, Libya to Gytheio, Greece is only 280 miles (450 kilometers).  My mental map has been altered with cause-effect and environmental relationship links newly established.  How I love geography.

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