Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Cars Deadlier than Guns... Except for Parts of Latin America and Swaziland

I decided to take a look at deaths rate by gun crime and motor vehicles per 100,000 people.  According to a variety sources collected together on Wikipedia, the people in the below countries have a higher rate of being killed by a gun than via a motor vehicle.

Country              Deaths by Gun Crime                       Deaths by Motor Vehicle
El Salvador          50.36                                                  12.6
Jamaica                47.44                                                  12.3
Honduras             46.7                                                    13.5
Guatemala           38.52                                                  14.7
Swaziland            37.16                                                  26.3
Colombia            27.1                                                     11.7
Panama               12.92                                                  12.7

With the exception of Swaziland, all these countries are in Latin America.  Sadly a combination of the international drug trade combined with a rough culture have lead to fast and loose gun player.  Other Latin American countries like Mexico and Brazil have high gun deaths as well but are out done by even higher motor vehicle deaths.

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