Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Three Political Advertisements Americans Could Not Handle

Republicans, Democrats, and independents all agree that they hate political advertising.  The closer the election comes the more the time between television shows becomes a series of vicious political ads accusing the other candidate of being a liar while claiming to be a perfect angle themselves.

However, in my browsing of political ads I have found my three political advertisements Americans could not handle.  The outcry against these would sink any candidate or party presenting the ads.


The Communist Party of Moldova has become a soft Communist Party (i.e. no longer pushes the death of its political opponents) but it has kept its corrupt nature from the Soviet days.  Back before the party lost the summer 2009 election they were campaigning hard against the conservative-liberal-socialist alliance against them.  The Communists rigged an earlier election in the spring which caused the opposition to riot.  This ad for the summer election uses images of the riot to portray the opposition as threatening the very essence of Moldova while using an epic rock opera-ish soundtrack.


This ad can be summed up as the Polish War on Women.  Lukasz Wabnic of the Democratic Left Alliance, Poland's main socialist party, single-handedly depicts himself as a protector of womanhood while also making women look like they will offer sex to anyone.

The United States

When I was a child the primary for the governorship of my state went negative.  One side accused the other of insider trading while the other side accused their opponent, a doctor, of illegally harvesting organs from unwilling patients.  Eventually a third candidate no one knew won the primary and he went on to be governor for two terms.

I thought that was one of the worst campaigns in American history at the time.  However, looking back at the election of 1800 between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson I realize things were not so bad in my home state.  Personal attacks based on family background and sexuality, rape, riots, death of children, it is all there.  Reason created two political ads based on what the campaigns were saying.

Special Mention

I was planning on using Russian President Vladimir Putin's first time ad, but then the Obama campaign actually did copy the ad.  Americans could not handle it and the Obama campaign distanced themselves from the advertisement.

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