Thursday, November 01, 2012

Be a Hurricane Sandy Disaster Response Geographer (while never leaving your computer)

Many thanks to Schuyler Erle from Humanitarian OpenStreetMap and Patrick Meier of iRevolution for creating and sharing this tool.

FEMA needs help in identifying and categorizing areas in New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts which need help due to damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.  Erle and his team have created a tool using post-hurricane Civil Air Patrol photos to allow for crowd sourced rankings of damage to buildings and the natural environment.  The main portal is here while a backup mirror can be accessed here.

The directions are detailed but easy to understand.  One ranks the damage as light, moderate, or heavy.

The options have changed but this is the simple to use user interface.

Be sure to go the extra step and use Google Maps and Bing Maps bird's eye view to provide a before/after effect which allows one to judge damage better.  If one is looking at New Jersey then one can also use Google's official crisis map page to see additional post-hurricane imagery.  All the images have a full resolution option which shows the exact latitude and longitude that can be then typed into the online map programs.

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Twelve Mile Circle said...

Thanks for the tip -- I've gone onto the site and already tagged a bunch of images. I'll post something on Twelve Mile Circle, too.