Thursday, November 08, 2012

American Presidential Election 2012 Map-a-Thon: The Electoral College Map, The Only Map That Matters

In celebration of democratic-republicanism, Geographic Travels will be blogging interesting maps based on the upcoming election between President Barack Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney.

At the end only the electoral college matters.  The results are in and Barack Obama dominated the swing states giving him enough electoral votes to be reelected for another four year term.

Florida is still too close to call but will probably go for Obama in the end.  From Wikipedia.

While county results are still being finalized it is clear that there were some states that the canidadates had little to no appeal in.

States with All Counties Voting Obama
Hawaii (Obama's native state)
Rhode Island (New England Liberal)
Massachusetts (New England Liberal)
Vermont (New England Liberal)

States with All Counties Voting Romney
Utah (Mormon)
Oklahoma (Surprising considering large presence of American Indians, perhaps the tribes' social conservatism trumpeted the traditional Democrat appeal)
West Virginia (Coal Country)
Alaska (Probable due to large libertarian population in the state)

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