Sunday, November 04, 2012

American Presidential Election 2012 Map-a-Thon:'s Map of Red vs Blue Book Sales

In celebration of democratic-republicanism, Geographic Travels will be blogging interesting maps based on the upcoming election between President Barack Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney. has a map showing what red (conservative) and blue (liberal) books are selling by state.  Each state is colored red or blue depending on what political ideology is selling more books.  Conservative books are by far outselling liberal books bucking the stereotype that conservatives are "hicks who don't read".

The sales map is shocking when one considers just how many conservative book buying states would never vote for Romney instead of Obama (states like Rhode Island and Delaware have many more Democrats than Republicans yet conservatives have been buying more books in these states).  The final outcome is a "popular vote" of conservative books outselling liberal ones with a 60-40 percent split.  If the electoral college is factored in, the final count would be a dominating 492-46 in favor of conservative books.  The most conservative book buying state is Alabama at 76 percent while the most liberal book buying state is not a state but the District of Columbia at 71 percent.

Of note:  In the last thirty days, Barack Obama's Audacity of Hope is outselling Mitt Romney's No Apology in a close 51-49 percent race.  However, Congressman Paul Ryan's Young Guns is outdoing Vice President Joe Biden's Promises to Keep 65 to 35 percent.

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