Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Penis Sizes by Country Does Not Match Average Height

Geography and lifestyle influence the size and shape of humanity.  Certain races have different sized features like native peoples around the Arctic being smaller or high elevation peoples having larger lungs.  Other groups change traits based on lifestyles such as taller East Asians because of the increase of meat in their diets.  Geography and lifestyle seem to also influence the size of the male reproduction organ, the penis.

The Daily Mail features an article based off one professors internet-based survey on penis sizes.  Selected countries and sizes in inches are

Republic of Congo - 7.1
Ecuador - 7
Ghana - 6.8
Columbia - 6.7
Iceland - 6.5
Italy - 6.2
South Africa - 6
Sweden - 5.9
Greece - 5.8
Germany - 5.7
New Zealand - 5.5
UK - 5.5
Canada - 5.5
Spain - 5.5
France - 5.3
Australia - 5.2
Russia - 5.2
USA - 5.1
Ireland - 5
Romania - 5
China - 4.3
India - 4
China - 4
Thailand - 4
South Korea - 3.8
North Korea - 3.8

The geographic trend is rough but is basically: East Asians have the smallest, the central core of Europe is the next smallest, next up is Mediterranean Europe, then the northern fringe of Europe, then South America, and finally Africa.  Interestingly, Central Europe is smaller than Mediterranean Europe and northern Europe.

I wondered how the trend in penis size compares to average height.  I was curious if the old saying of "the bigger the shoe, the bigger the tool" was true.  I used open source data from Disabled World to see if the data matched.

What I found was that average height does not match average penis size.  If it did, northern Europe would have the largest while most of Africa would be with East Asia with the smallest.  Also, the original study of penis sizes said North Koreans and South Koreans are equally sized.  However, a quick look at North and South Koreans shows that the diets are so different to the point South Koreans are noticeably larger.


Dina said...

Well, quite the unusual geography topic you decided on today!
Wondering why we here in the Mideast are conspicuously absent from the survey.

natthedem said...

This might be my favorite GTWCG post, ever.

Catholicgauze said...

I imagine getting survey participants could be difficult.

Glad to find fun geography trivia for you.

Truth said...

S. Korea's average *ERECT SIZE = [12.7CM & 13.42CM].ORG sources below.

The "3.8" inches for South Korea was a flaccid/un-erect measurement of young korean military boys who previously had a complex about their size and were undergoing psychiatric evaluation in a study now labelled : "Studies on self-esteem of penile size in young Korean military men" (2003) - again this was Un-erect, Flaccid, measurements of young boys.


South Korea has an ERECT average penis size study which measured Korean men at (13.42CM) or (5.4 inches) average. This study was conducted in (1999) 4 years before the "3.8" inch, flaccid/soft/un-erect study.

S. Korea = [13.42CM Erect].


Also, this American condom company called Ansell, linked to another medical South Korean study which measured the average erect sizes of South Korean men at = [12.7 CM].


these sources are for whatever study you choose to believe, however, South Korea is NOT "3.8" inches, not in erect size , unlike all of the other countries on this list (which all linked to erect measurements, unlike S. Korea) , so how is this even considered accurate?

Steven K said...

Koreans don't have the smallest penises.
In Korea, they measured the stretched flaccid length, not erectile length.
Source: http://korean-penis.blogspot.com/2013/01/english.html

Paul Lee said...

wow i cant believe how ignorant these people are! posting this stuff everywhere on the web with unreliable source like this? i mean i thought i was living in 21century. total waste of time!

Paul Lee said...

wow i cant believe how ignorant these people are! posting this stuff everywhere on the web with unreliable source like this? i mean i thought i was living in 21century. total waste of brain...

Paul Lee said...

lol so i need bloger's permission to leave a comment? wow....

Catholicgauze said...

Yes. Most blogs require approval to avoid spam. The majority of comments would be spam if I did not prescreen them for spam. But as you see I let critical comments be posted as well.

Cockobsesser said...

It very well does, because all those statistics are self reported and not credible.

Italy & Greece both have smaller height averages than all Northern European nations and as a result they are also smaller.

The only credible study on Italy puts them at 4.9 inches. Over 3,000 Italians were measured.


And Greeks, 4.8 inches


All the Mid east countries are shorter than Northern European nations too and they are all around 4 inches same as Italy & Greece.

Most of the statistics for Africa are faked, not one of them traces back to an actual study. Theres been only one on Nigeria that wasn't self reported and they were 5.3 inches, smaller than all Sweden, German, & Britain averages.

vk0 said...



we don't have the smallest penises in the world.
It is a misunderstanding.