Friday, October 12, 2012

Geography of Breat Sizes Different From Men's Geography

As a follow-up to the geography of penis sizes, a geographer wondered if the geography of women's breast sizes would co-relate to that of the male reproductive organ.  The answer seems to be: mostly not.

The German website (English language link) made a map claiming to show women's breast sizes on a cup scale by country.

The one strong co-relation between the two is that East Asia has the smallest of both.  Africa, while leading in the men's category, is universally in the small category for women.  Russians, Finns, and Viking Germanics lead overall with other Germanics coming in second throughout the world.  Most Slavs, however, though do not have as nearly as large of breast as those of their Russian kin.  Interestingly, countries which once were part of the original Muslim expansion ranging from Portugal to India are almost all B-cup.  It would be eat to see if this is a genetic import from Peninsula Arabs or something else.

All this depends on the accuracy of the data and my theories ignore the extent of plastic surgery.

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