Thursday, October 25, 2012

BBC Poll of Obama versus Romney

A BBC poll of whether people in 21 countries favor President Barack Obama or former Governor Mitt Romney found that, to no surprise, the vast majority of the world supports Obama's reelection efforts.

When looking at the above chart I cannot but help to think about why some of the countries are the way they are

Kenya:  Romney gets his most support in Kenya, where Obama's father was a native Luo.  I assume that Romney's support is based on a combination of some anti-Luo feeling among other tribes but probably more due to the fact Obama partially hurt his popularity in Kenya by massively cutting anti-AIDS programs started by President George W Bush.

Poland:  The legacy of Republican-Polish relations from the Cold War still continues but Obama's policy still resonate well in a country that, while rejecting hard socialism, still is skeptical towards capitalism.

Pakistan:  The only country Romney actually wins.  Pakistanis really, truly, utterly hate the CIA drone program to the point Romney's 15-some points floats him to the top.  Obama's 12 percent is probably the size of what is left of Pakistan's liberal population.

France and Spain:  These two countries' population are truly upset at anything relating to fiscal restraint and it shows.

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Yosef said...

But I understand that Romney is more popular than Obama in a few countries, like Israel and also the Republic of Georgia.