Monday, August 13, 2012

Tenochtitlan: The Lynchpin for the Creation of a New World

The first encounters between the Old World Spain and the New World American Indians set a bad precedent for the American Indians.  The vanguard of the Western Civilization encountered the outer rim rump of the Americas in the Caribbean.  The Spanish quickly got the idea that the New World would be a push over compared to the Muslim Moors which the Spanish just defeated.

The New World had one chance to stop the Spanish.  If the American Indians could crush the Spaniards in one place right away they could give the Spaniards second thoughts of conquest.  The Vikings decided the New World was not worth the effort after encountering Indians with cannons with catapults on them.  American Indians needed a repeat if they wanted to keep their world the same.

Only Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Aztec, could steam the Spanish tide.  It is this ancient city, centered in present-day Mexico City, whose fall was necessary for the Spanish to make a new world.  This city represented the Triple Alliance, the mightiest empire in the most populated region in the Americas.

Throughout this week I will be blogging about Tenochtitlan and geography.  The two videos below discuss the founding of Tenochtitlan and provide a flyby of the city.

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