Thursday, August 02, 2012

Olympics Geography: Countries' Opening Procession March Air Time on NBC

Friend and geographer Andrew Shears has created the below map showing the amount of show time NBC gave the various Olympic teams' processions.

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Three Anglo core countries, Australia, host United Kingdom, and NBC-based United States, had major coverage.  The Soviet Union-replacing rival People's Republic of China had the most air time for a non-English speaking country.  Canada did not have that much air time; possibly due to Canada's weak status in summer games and the fact most Canadians watch the Olympics live on CBC.

Europe and Asia had respectable air time amounts, though Southeast Asia was lacking.  African countries' coverage was light-to-moderate but overall consistent.  The real discrepancy was in Latin America.  Countries like Brazil and Argentina led the way in air time but others like Guatemala, Paraguay, Colombia, and Peru barely had any air time.  This is somewhat surprising considering the growing Hispanic population in America though those with strong ties to their homeland may watch Spanish-speaking broadcasts of the Olympics on other channels.

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