Monday, August 27, 2012

Map of Stand Your Ground, Castle Doctrine, Retreat States

The website ReadyHolster has created a detailed map and infographic on Stand Your Ground, Castle Doctrine, and Retreat states.  Stand Your Ground is the law which allows one to shoot and kill a hostile who threatens them with bodily harm.  Castle Doctrine allows for the use of lethal force in defense of one's home.  Retreat states mandate that the threatened victim backs down from a hostile.

There is a loose geographic theme dividing Stand Your Ground and Castle Doctrine states.  Stand Your Ground states tend to be in the southern half of the country while Castle Doctrine states tend to be in the northern half.  Obviously by the looking at the map one can tell there are exceptions to this rule of thumb (South Carolina, the first state to form the Confederacy, is a Castle Doctrine state while progressive Washington is a Stand Your Ground state).  Looking at the chart of crime rates one can see that there is a correlation between a higher crime rate and the more likely the state authorizes deadly force.  This is probably due to citizens calling for extra defenses against crime.  "When the cops are minutes away second count."

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