Thursday, August 23, 2012

Geographers Really Need to Reach Out to the Public More

Last week I did a quick survey of professions mentioned in a Google News search for the last thirty days.  Here are the results.

Historian: 31,900
Economist: 127,000
Engineer: 162,000
Geographer: 459

We need serious outreach efforts by geographers, as a group and individuals, as well as an examination on whether or not we are focusing on society's needs and wants.  Harm de Blij recommended twenty years ago that geographers write to newspapers offering analysis on the world events.  As geographers we can reach out on resources, climate, cultural, geopolitics, globalization, and so much more.


Caitlin said...

The problem with identifying geographers is that the field is hybridized. So an economic geographer is more likely to be described as an economist than as a geographer.

Karl Donert said...

Our geographical associations need to be pro-active in lobbying for our discipline. We need to be more 'up-front' with all the contributions geographers are making to society.

It is a big struggle and we should all be responsible for working together to do this.

This is why we created the geo-cube ( and other promotional products as most politicians are not aware of what geography is or geographers do.

Karl Donert (President, EUROGEO)

Catholicgauze said...

While there have to be some hybrids out there, in reality they have to be minimal as geographers of all stripes like to recognize themselves as geographers. Sadly, this is because of poor outreach and research interests of the geographical establishment.

Catholicgauze said...

Interesting and thanks for sharing! Do you have any success stories you can share with us?