Thursday, August 16, 2012

America's Carbon Dioxide Output at Twenty Year Low Due to Natural Gas

The economic slow, conservation efforts, and most importantly cheap, domestically produced natural gas have reduced the United States' carbon dioxide (CO2) output levels to a twenty year low.  The drop is primarily due to the increase drilling and exploitation of shell gas, which has given North Dakota one of the strongest economies in the nation. 

The primary means of getting shell gas are horizontal drilling and fracking (post on this coming fairly soon).

The need for energy at a reasonable price will further drive shell natural gas drilling in the country.  Looking at a map of shell gas, it is clear there is plenty of room for gas-driven economic growth in the interior of the country.

Dark pink is areas currently being tapped while light pink are untapped basins.  Yellow is potential.  From the Energy Information Administration.  Click to enlarge.

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