Monday, July 30, 2012

Map and Infographic on the World's Jewish Population

The twentieth century has not been kind to the Jewish race.  Besides the Holocaust, Communist repression and the exodus from Arab lands has resulted in the centralization of Jews in the United States and Israel.  Israel in fact only surpassed the United States for the world's most Jews.

From the Economist

Of interesting note, the only non-Western countries with significant Jewish populations have experienced significant Europeanization, such as those in Latin America and the Republic of South Africa.  The rest of the world either never had a large Jewish population or purged themselves of it.

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Yosef said...

You could say, culturally at least, that among the Latin American countries, Argentina and Uruguay are every bit as Western as North America, Europe, or Australia - more so than Brazil, Chile, or Mexico, for example. And among the Latin American countries, it is Argentina and Uruguay that have the largest per-capita Jewish populations!