Thursday, June 28, 2012

Freeware and Open Source GIS Software and Guides

Right now I am brushing up on my GIS skills via training books.  The books come with 180 day-trial versions of ESRI's famous ArcGIS software.  However, to obtain a permanent copy of ArcGIS I would need to pay $1,500 American dollars.

There is hope though for people who do not want to invest so much money for GIS knowledge.  The GIS Lounge has the article How to Go from GIS Novice to Pro without Spending a Dime and a list of free GIS software.  There is also a nice introduction to qGIS with links for more information.

GIS is still a growing industry and many, if not all, geographers will use it at least occasionally to make maps or conduct spatial research.  I highly recommend geographers learn a GIS program to gain research abilities and to build one's resume.

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