Friday, May 18, 2012

Plug: Free New Bible Study Software with Geographical Components

Azoic Software  has released Credo Bible Study v1.0.5 for free download on their website.  The software includes four versions of the Bible: Douay Rheims English Bible, Clementine Latin Vulgate, Greek Textus Receptus, Greek Septuagint.  All these are fully text searchable.  Also added in are commentary, catechisms, liturgical calendars, council documents, prayers, music, and much more.

Of interest to religious geographers is the map function which allows for viewing places names on given pages/books and the ability to sort searches (including of places names) by book so one can see the location of narrative move through time.

And of special note:  Future editions will combine Geographic Travels very own map of where the Twelve Apostles died!

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