Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Scriptural Way of the Cross Map

In 1991 Pope John Paul II created the Scriptural Way of the Cross, stations of the cross modeled solely on the Biblical account of Jesus' death.  The Scriptural Way of the Cross was not a replacement for the traditional Stations of the Cross (link to my Google Maps mashup of the traditional way) but another method to focus on Christ's passion.

Some of the more radical traditionalist Catholics do not like the Scriptural Way of the Cross because it is new and therefore somesort of neo-Protestant, Catholic-light plot.  One complaint I have heard against the scriptural version by a traditionalist was that unlike the traditional Way of the Cross the new way did not have actually, geographic locations associated with it.

This, however, is not true.  Below I have made a Google Map of the Scriptural Way of the Cross with the Bible passage associated with them.  This map can give geographic minded Christians something to meditate on this Holy Week.

View Scriptural Way of the Cross in a larger map


Dina said...

The traditional way is more compact.
The new would take a lot more walking and more time for any pilgrim group.

Interesting that Google has changed it to the "Islamic" Quarter. Here in Jerusalem it is still the Moslem Quarter.

Catholicgauze said...

Hi Dina,
Very true. The SWotC is more meant to focus on the acts in the Bible than the actual places of action but I felt I needed to rebut some radicals who were denying any sort of physical placement of the SWotC

Dina said...

Aha, good.