Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Imagery Interpreation and Remote Sensing Games

My very first experience in the geographic subfield of imagery interpretation, learning the geography of a place via aerial images, was through the game Spycraft.

Someone's video about Spycraft.  Imagery interpretation section from 0:45 to 4:15

I have always found imagery interpretation, whether the picture and metadata come from satellite or plane, fun.  It is a sort of an adventure to discuss why everything is the way it is and to spot anomalies. 

Fortunately the fun can still be experienced online for free.  Several organizations have posted educational activities games dealing with imagery interpretation and remote sensing.

America's Central Intelligence Agency has the game Aerial Analysis Challenge in which one pretends to be an imagery analyst.

Natural Resources Canada has an educational and in-depth imagery interpretation site with a twelve question activity.

The Smithsonian Institution's National Zoo has the Remote Sensing Quiz which provides an educational challenge on remote sensing.

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