Monday, April 16, 2012

"He is Risen" Around the World

This past Sunday was the start of Easter for Eastern Christianity.  Now Christians of either Western or Eastern rites can exchange the Paschal greeting of "He is Risen" which is responded with "He is Risen Indeed" or "Indeed, He is Risen."

The website Pascha Polyglotta has the Paschal greeting in over 250 languages.  One can browse a list of languages or use the map function.  Each country page has the greeting said in a .wav file for easy listening.  Sadly, many multilingual countries only have one or two of their main languages displayed.  However, this is a very neat tool showing the universal greeting in the many babels of Earth.

I decided to randomly pick one country from each continent at random for interest sake:

North America - Haiti, French Creole:  Jezikri leve ; anverite Li leve.
South America -  Colombia, Spanish:  Christo ha resucitado ; en verdad ha resucitado
Europe - Romania, Romanian:  Hristos a-înviat ; adevărat a-înviat
Africa - Lesotho, Sesotho:  Kriste o tsohile ; ha mannete o tsohile
Asia - Thailand, Thai:  Pha Kristo Tiao klap pen kune m lèo ; ting ting phra tong klap pén kune ma
Greater Australia - Samoa, Samoan:  Ua toe tu le Keriso ; ioe ua toe tu Keriso

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