Friday, April 27, 2012

Deadly Hotspots Map: Countries Leaders in Unique Ways to Die

The BBC has created a map showing world leaders in unique accidental, incidental, and sickly ways to die.  Various countries are listed with a unique way of die they lead in.  Next time I try to use the lawnmower I will realize I am in the worse geographical place to operate one. 

Some countries lead in behavioral categories which could easily be avoided: Ukraine with heart disease, Moldova with liver cirrhosis, South Africa with drunk driving, and Zimbabwe with AIDS.

Others are just sad: South Korea leads with female suicides.  Something is horribly wrong in a land where women no longer have families and lose all hope to live.

Of note, even though meteorites have yet to take anyone out this century, Antarctica would be the worse place to avoid a falling sky due to the fact it has been hit fifteen times more than any other place on Earth.


Dan tdaxp said...

I'd root for old age (Japan, seems peaceful) or meteor strike (Antarctica, seems awesome).


More seriously, interesting about South Korea. Korean films are quite popular in East Asia, but tend to revolve around mental ilness or suicide.

"I am a cyborg but that's ok" is the Korean version of Gibson's "The Beaver." It's on Netflix, and recommended.

Aubrey said...

Note to self: Don't go to Hungary

Hahah. This map is awesome!

Catholicgauze said...

I can only imagine the sorts of beds they have in Hungary.