Friday, March 16, 2012

Geography and Family Bonds in Place Names

The legal blog The Volokh Conspiracy has a very interesting thread concerning the family bonds of nearby place names.  While starting off as a guessing game, the comments show how many nearby geographic features' place names have strong family bonds.

Examples include:

Charlotte, North Carolina is apparently named after the wife of King George III, and the neighboring state of Georgia is named after her grandfather-in-law, King George II.

Bolivia (Simon de Bolivar) and its capital Sucre named after Antonio de Sucre, reportedly one of Bolivar's "closest friends".

Virginia (named for the "Virgin Queen," Elizabeth I - her dad was Henry VIII).  The colony Jamestown (named for James I/VI - great grandmother was Margaret Tudor, sister of Henry VIII).

Victoria Island in the Canadian Arctic is slightly larger than Great Britain. Victoria was named after Queen Victoria. One feature of Victoria Island is the Prince Albert Peninsula, which was named after Queen Victoria's consort.

The Australian state of Victoria named for Queen Victoria and Alexandra, a town in Victoria, Australia, originally named Red Gate but renamed Alexandra, possibly after Queen Victoria's daughter-in-law, Alexandra of Denmark, who married the future Edward VII in 1863.

"Saudi" Arabia and King Khalid Military CIty.

The historic town of Elizabeth City, VA now Hampton, VA named for Eliz. I who was also namesake of the state of VA. The historic town of Henricus, VA named for James I's son Prince Henry, great nephew of Eliz. I.

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