Thursday, March 22, 2012

Geographical Survey of Catholicgauze

I am starting a survey of my personal geography.  Feel free to comment with your own.  Hopefully this can spread to other geography and related bloggers.

Name Origin
Irish and English

Geographical Region of Where I Grew Up

Geography of Last Meal Eaten
Meat: Sausage from United States, created in Polish-style
Vegetable: Beans grown in the United States, originally from Mesoamerica
Fruit:  Clementine from Mexico, originally grown in French Algeria
Drink: Milk from a cow in Virginia, cow's first domesticated Mesopotamia

Extremes of Travel
North:  Bemidji, Minnesota (47 28' N)
South:  Oranjestad, Aruba (12 31' N)
East:  Kabul, Afghanistan (69 05' E)
West:  San Francisco, California (122 26' W)

Interestingly Bemidji is further north than points I visited in Canada

Top Three Places Recommended for Travel
Savannah, Georgia
Guanajuato, Mexico
Black Hills, South Dakota

Three Places I Want to Visit
The Holy Land

Unique Personal Way to Count Where I Have 
Bodies of water I swam in


Adrian said...

Name origin: English (last name) and Latin (first name)

Grew up: New England

Last meal eaten:
bibimbop (Korean - rice, beef, egg, vegetables, chili paste) plus milk from a Wisconsin cow

Extremes of travel:
North: Stykkisholmur, Iceland (65' N)
South: Hong Kong (22' N)
East: (108' E)
West: Homer, AK (151' E)

Top 3 recommended places:

Krakow, Poland
Giulin, China
Snaefellsnes, Iceland

3 places I want to visit

Hvar, Croatia

Ways to count where I've been:
Local food eaten

Catholicgauze said...

Thanks Adrian.

TDAXP did his

As well as Adam Call Roberts

Twelve Mile Circle said...

Great idea! I've done mine at and added some extra questions.

Anonymous said...

Name Origin: Yorkshire, UK
Geographical Region where I grew up: Thames basin, UK
Geography of last meal eaten (breakfast): cucumbers, black olives, feta cheese and kaymakli yoghurt all from Turkey; flat puffy bread, hot from its baking on inner roof of live-fired domed oven, wild honeycomb. Coffee grown in Kenya.
Extremes of Travel:
North = Edinburgh Lat.55 55’
South = Lat. Gizan 16 53’
East = Long. Dubai 55 16’
West =Long. Denver, Colorado 104 59’
3 places I want to Visit: Isfahan, Great Wall of China, Fez
3 places recommended for travel: (1) Ishak Pasha Sarayi near Dogubeyazit, (2) Mardin, (3) Kapodokia. All in Anatolia.
Ways to count where I’ve been: from the postcards I have sent.

Matt said...

Thanks for the idea! Mine: -Matt