Thursday, March 29, 2012

First Footage from James Cameron's Trip to the Bottom of the Sea

Part of geography is studying other places.  Places we know little about need to be explored.  Exploring, field research, getting the boots muddy, or whatever one wants to call it can be the funnest part of research.  Director and explorer James Cameron got to experience this fun by becoming the first person on a solo trip to explore the bottom of the Mariana Trench, the deepest place on Earth.

Map of the Mariana Trench with Challenger Deep's diving spot located.  From Wikipedia
 To celebrate this achievement, watch this short clip he released of the lunar like landscape he saw.  (If you want more you'll have to wait until his pricy documentary is released)

The trench is one of the biggest geographical features on Earth.  The dimension of the trench are 35,800 feet (10,910 meters) deep, 1,580 miles (2,500 kilometers) long, and 43 miles (69 kilometers) wide.

Cameron's exploration beats my by far my personal submarine diving best of a hundred or so feet off the Cayman Wall next to the Cayman Islands.

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