Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Virtual Geography Convention 2012: Closing Remarks

First and foremost I wish to thank everyone who helped make the virtual "convention" possible.  Thank you for your guest posts and presentations.

The main goal of this convention was to show what geographers discuss, present, and research.  I hoped you found some of the information interesting.  I hope some of the tweets also provided entertaining.

I only wish the Association of American Geographers was more active in its outreach to the public during their convention.  The conference was the perfect time to reach out to the public and show exactly what geography is and what it can do for the public, businesses, governments, and the world.  However, the outreach done by the AAG was very minimal.  A Google News search for "Association of American Geographers" for the last week only gives four results, three of them published before the meeting and the remaining one did not deal with this year's meeting.  The AAG's own press room released its last statement nine days before the conference.  On Twitter the AAG was silent during the conference except for a tweet concerning the Minnesota reception (party).

Here is hoping for another excellent virtual convention next year as well as better AAG outreach!

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