Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Geography of Thermostat Settings

Energy Hub has an interesting research study blog post about the geography of thermostat readings.  According to EnergyHub's "smart" thermostat readings, Northern states have lower thermostat settings than Southern states.  EnergyHub theorizes that those from colder areas are use to being cooler and therefore do not need to keep temperatures as high.

The states with the lowest thermostat settings are Vermont (63.4 Fahrenheit or 17.4 Celsius), New Hampshire, Maine, Delaware, and Iowa.  The states with the highest thermostat settings are Nebraska, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and Oklahoma (70 Fahrenheit or 21.1 Celsius). As a side note, EnergyHub states Vermonters save over $500 (£315 or €380) by not using the Texas thermostat settings.

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Dan tdaxp said...

I have been surprised my energy bill did not decrease after moving to the Puget Sound.... I suspect buildings here are purposefully built with less insulation, because mold and other bad thigns that would normally be killed by the extreme cold instead can survive year-round, so air-tight living comparatments are not as advantageous -- of course that's just my guess! :-)