Friday, January 20, 2012

Help the World Health Organization by Mapping Libya

The World Health Organization (WHO) is currently trying to assist the recovery in post-civil war Libya.  However, their knowledge of medical facilities in the country is greatly limited.  They are creating a user edited map hoping that those who can fill in the gaps will help.  Here is a memo I received

We have so far collected more than 400 correct points using the great help of HOT, CrisisMappers and GISCorps but we need more! We know there where more than 1400 Centres in Libya in 2006. How many are there now?

We would need to try to fill the gaps you can see on this map, use it to add you data with just one click! Please ad all the locations you might know!

We need to locate people in Libya than can add new points on the map, using the on line web application (English and Arabic) or by using a paper map (we can provide help if needed), by sending an e.mail a twit or any other mean!

Please we need to develop a network of volunteers living in Libya or that have colleagues in the country that can provide information on where Health canters are located.

Contacts of great help would be people working on
1. Doctors (they might have some contact outside their hospitals)
2. Nurses and medical staff (same as doctors)
3. police officers (they know the territory)
4. Post offices (they are a source of information for locations! they deliver letters all over cities sand towns))
5. Teachers /school directors (they might know how to use a computer or know someone that can and know a lot of people)
6. Telephone outlets and Telephone companies (they normally use computers and know where their customers are)
7. Cybercaf├ęs (computers and knowledge on a single place)
8. Community radios (they can help us spread our message and questions)
9. electrical companies (they know a lot about the territory and they normally have cars to move)
10. Telecom companies (they might have some data regarding use of telephone networks,…
11. bus drivers (for remote locations. They criss-cross the territory)
12. NGO and associations working on the field 8they are on the terrain)
13. Any other person you might think!

Getting this data will help the community, the nation and the people of Libya go back to normality faster. We need all the help we can find!

There are areas where we know there are health facilities but we do not have them located on the map

Can you help?
Please, resend this message to anyone you think it can be interested, translate it to Arabic if you can and think your cooperation is crucial and greatly accepted in times of crisis

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