Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Best Selling Cars in 160 Countries and Territories

Sometimes random browsing of the internet can discover the neatest things.  Case in point: the well written and researched Best Selling Cars blog which documents the best selling cars in 160 countries and territories.

Some countries pages are fairly mundane.  The best selling vehicle in the United States is the Ford F-Series while the Ford F-Series and Dodge RAM share the monarchy in Canada.  However, some other countries' pages are windows into the bizzaro world:
  • The Land Cruiser is the best selling car in Somalia.  I guess the vehicle is great for driving off road and for being an excellent war wagon. 
  • North Korea makes their own van known as the Pyeonghwa Samchunri.
  • And Cubans buy Chinese cars, basically the only car they can afford now that Cubans can buy cars.
Meanwhile other countries make geographic sense and are predictable.  SUVs are big in the cheap oil, money rich Arabian Peninsula petroleum states, Europe loves German cars, and the Hilux leads in a plurality of countries.


Wally said...

The Hilux is not surprise, as it is a vehicle designed to be a tool, whereas the North American “trucks” are for the most part overly-upholstered passenger vehicles with forced upgrades to occasionally allow their use as a beast of burden. (And yes, I have a late-model Dodge 3500)

Catholicgauze said...

Very true. I remember comparing my grandfather's pickup truck on his farm to those in the city. Very big difference indeed!